ensemble 2012 mp3

   Recording of the realisation by Dedalus performed at The Forge, London, 23.10.12

untitled two pianos (excerpt) mp3

   pianos - tania chen, tim parkinson

untitled flute and piano (excerpt) mp3

   flute - annie parker piano - tim parkinson

untitled violin and piano (excerpt) mp3

   brian lee violin tim parkinson piano

ten brass (excerpt) mp3

   Reservoir and Karelia Brass (cond. Mikel Toms)

straw dogs (opening) mp3

   piano - matthew linley, tim parkinson

untitled quartet (excerpt) mp3

   flute - annie parker clarinet - andrew sparling violin - darragh morgan cello - anton lukoszevieze

violin piece (excerpt) mp3

   violin - brian lee

untitled cello and piano (excerpt) mp3

   anton lukoszevieze - cello; tim parkinson - piano

eight violins (excerpt) mp3

   Darragh Morgan - violins

untitled winter 2002 (extract) mp3

   London Sinfonietta 

double quartet (extract) mp3

   Vor und Nach

harp piece (extract) mp3

   Rhodri Davies

sextet (extract) mp3


untitled (2004c) (extract) mp3

   tim parkinson - piano

septet (extract) mp3


clarinet and words (extract) mp3

   Jürg Frey - clarinet

viola piece (extract) mp3

   Julia Eckhardt

trombone and piano piece (extract) mp3

   Craig Shepard - trombone; tim parkinson - piano

piano piece (October 2002) (extract) mp3

   Sebastian Berweck

string quartet (extract) mp3

   Apartment House

untitled quintet (extract) mp3


three pieces (extract) mp3

   tim parkinson

august (extract) mp3

   Steve Altoft

violin and piano piece (extract) mp3

   Brian Lee - violin; tim parkinson - piano

flutes (extract) mp3

   Annie Parker & Lynne Plowman - flutes

trio (excerpt) mp3

   angharad davies - violin; stefan thut - cello; tim parkinson - piano

bed (extract) mp3

   Erin Flannery, OCNM Soloists, cond. Nathan Fuhr

untitled (1998) (extract) mp3

   Stefan Thut

two cardboard boxes (extract) mp3

   Played by Tim Parkinson and James Saunders at Q-02 in Brussels on 17th December 2007.

sixty eight sounds for Welborne (extract) mp3

   Installed at Welborne Church, Welborne Arts Festival, Norfolk, UK, June 2005

violin piece (2006) mp3

   Written for the Mark Muller Galerie in Zurich. Played by Angharad Davies, 10th November 2006.

septet (2007) (extract) mp3

   Written for Apartment House for WDR Köln broadcast.

quartet (2006) (Extract) mp3

   for 4 percussionists using household objects. Written and performed by Apartment House (Andrew Sparling, John Lely, James Saunders & Tim Parkinson). The Warehouse, London, October 2006

piano piece (2006) (extract) mp3

   Philip Thomas, The Warehouse, 23rd February 2008

three music boxes (extract) mp3

   played by Krank

trio with objects (extract) mp3

   played by Incidental Music

orchestra piece (2007) mp3

   Basel Sinfonietta, cond. Manuel Nawri, 8.11.11, Martinskirche, Basel

song for many mp3

   Performed by the Edges Ensemble, 21.11.11, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

drum piece mp3

   Played by Devin Maxwell @ Incubator Arts, New York, 27.05.11

songs 2011 - la dee mp3

   First song from "songs 2011", performed by Parkinson Saunders at Audiograft in Oxford, March 2012.

violin and piano piece (2009) mp3

   extract from "violin and piano piece (2009)" played by Angharad Davies and Tim Parkinson @ Audiograft, Oxford, 2011